Shark Fishing Trips

A young angler with a bull shark from a shark fishing trip with Captain Sean

An Atlantic Sharpnosed Shark
Captain Sean’s Daytona Beach Fishing Trips

A family on a shark fishing trip with Captain Sean

Go shark fishing in one of America’s hottest locations for shark encounters!

On our Daytona Beach Shark Fishing Trips, we will be fishing for sharks just off the coast where the sharks are most plentiful!

These are nearshore fishing trips up to about 3 nautical miles off the beaches which means we can get to the best fishing spots for sharks fast!

Ladies and Children are always welcome on Captain Sean’s Daytona Beach Shark Fishing Trips!

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A boy with a shark he just caught in Daytona Beach

Shark Fishing Rates

Shark Fishing Charter (3 hours)
$500 up to 4 passengers
$50 for each additional passenger
6 passengers maximum

Everything You Need to Fish is
Included on all Fishing Charters

Families with children are welcome to go shark fishing with Captain Sean!

Shark fishing in Daytona Beach with Captain Sean

Daytona Beach offers some of the best shark fishing in Florida.

Just beyond the breaker waves that crest and tumble as they reach the sandbars only a short swim from the beach are countless sharks searching for their next meal. From the breakers to just a couple of miles off the Daytona Beach shore, sharks are more common than just about anywhere else along the Florida Coast.

The Sharks! The shark species most often caught on a Daytona Beach shark fishing trip with Captain Sean include Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks, Blacktip Sharks, Blacknose Sharks, Spinner Sharks, Finetooth Sharks and Hammerhead Sharks.  We may also encounter other species such as Bull Sharks, Thresher Sharks, Lemon Sharks or Nurse Sharks.

Spinner, Blacktip and Fine Tooth sharks are especially good tasting!

The sharks we catch on our Shark Fishing Trips typically range in size from 3 to 6 feet in length. Sharks of this size put up a fierce fight when hooked and are always handled with caution when brought aboard by an experienced shark handler like Captain Sean.

Even larger sharks have been caught on shark fishing trips with Captain Sean however due to obvious dangers to guests and crew, very large sharks are not brought on board. There are plenty of good size sharks to catch that can be brought on board as “keepers” or for memorable fishing photos. The sharks we catch will provide all the thrills you’d expect from doing battle with one of the ocean’s apex predators.

You can have your shark prepared into a delicious dinner at a favorite local seafood restaurant!
See Sea to Table Experience

A family at the dock with a big shark

Family Friendly Shark Fishing Trips

Families with children are welcome on all fishing charters with Captain Sean and shark fishing trips are no exception. Leave it to Captain Sean to target sharks suitable for the ages and experience levels of your fishing party. All ages are welcome on Captain Sean’s Shark Fishing Trips!

Captain Sean will work hard to ensure everyone on board has a fun and safe charter and an exciting time catching sharks that they will want to remember and talk about for many years to come.

The Biggest Smiles of All! In Captain Sean’s Photo Gallery you’ll find quite a few pictures of excited kids and teenagers with the fish they just caught. You may find some of the biggest smiles of all belong to young anglers holding the first sharks they ever caught or perhaps have ever seen!

A shark on the line during a shark fishing trip in the Atlantic Ocean

“Keepers” and “Catch and Release”

So which sharks are “Keepers” and which are “Catch and Release”? The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have strict regulations that determine which shark species and sizes are considered “Catch and Release” and which are “Keepers”. In addition, fishing regulations for sharks can be suddenly updated as Florida’s shark populations change.

No worries! Captain Sean is familiar with all the current regulations that determine which species and sizes of sharks you will be allowed to keep and which must be released. Captain Sean is a firm believer in helping to maintain healthy, sustainable shark populations.

In addition to complying with fishing regulations, Captain Sean always uses the proper fishing techniques and gear to catch sharks as well as handling and releasing sharks you don’t keep in a way that increases their chance of survival. So whether it’s a “Keeper” or a “Catch and Release”, shark fishing in Daytona Beach with Captain Sean is always an exciting adventure for everyone on board!

Catch, Tag and Release
Captain Sean participates in the Cooperative Shark Tagging Program, a collaborative effort between recreational anglers, commercial fishermen and NOAA Fisheries to learn more about the life cycles of Sharks.

Captain Sean abides by all current shark fishing regulations! There’s a lot of species we can catch and keep!  For more information see the official Florida Shark Fishing Regulations

A father and son show off the shark they caught

Shark Fishing is great year round in Daytona Beach.

Whether you’re shark fishing in Daytona Beach on a mild winter day or at the peak of summer, there are plenty of sharks to be caught in Daytona Beach. There are species like the Atlantic Sharpnosed Shark and Bull Shark that inhabit the waters around Daytona Beach year round and species like the Hammerhead Shark and Blacktip Shark that migrate along the coast each Spring and Autumn often in large schools. During the summer, larger sharks will often venture closer to shore as the water warms up.

Captain Sean is familiar with the seasonal habits and habitats of sharks in the Daytona Beach area. Whatever the time of year, you can book a fun filled, family friendly shark fishing trip with Captain Sean!