Captain Sean's Daytona Beach Fishing Trips

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Captain Sean’s Daytona Beach Fishing Trips

Captain Sean holds a bull Redfish caught on an offshore fishing charter in Daytona Beach Bottom fishing for snapper is a family favorite on our offshore fishing charters in Daytona Beach

Our Fishing Charters are Family Friendly!
Lady anglers and kids are welcome on Captain Sean’s Daytona Beach Fishing Trips!

Captain Sean welcomes ladies on all his fishing trips Kids are always welcome too
Kids are always welcome on all our charters Kids have fun fishing in Daytona Beach with Captain Sean This young lady smiles holding her fish Three young ladies with their sharks
A hammerhead shark Captain Sean offers shark fishing trips

Shark Fishing Trips are Available!
Sharks are plentiful near Daytona Beach and Captain Sean is always
ready to take you and your family on a shark fishing adventure!

A shark on the line

Shark Fishing
 with Captain Sean

On a Daytona Beach shark fishing trip with Captain Sean there are plenty of shark species that you may catch including Bull Sharks, Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks, Blacktip Sharks, Nurse Sharks, Lemon Sharks and even Hammerheads!

Yes, Ladies and Kids are welcome on shark fishing trips with Captain Sean!

Captain Sean has over 20 years experience as a professional fisherman and knows how to safely handle sharks!

The teeth of the shark
Shark fishing in Daytona Beach Kids are welcome on our shark fishing trips
Shark fishing in Daytona Beach with Captain Sean is fun for everyone

Captain Sean knows how to Catch Fish!
As a professional fisherman for over 20 years, Captain Sean has the experience
and knowledge that only a full-time, professional fisherman can provide.
Below are a few pictures of what Captain Sean has been catching around Daytona Beach!

The Red Snappers in the photos at right and below were caught during the last Red Snapper season.

Currently, Red Snappers are ‘catch and release’ only but are LOTS of FUN to catch.

Captain Sean and friends after a good day fishing off the coast of Daytona Beach

Mangrove Snappers like those in the bottom right photo are ‘Keepers’ but limits do apply!

Captain Sean is a professional fisherman who is fully licensed and knows the state and federal fishing reglations!


Amberjacks and snapper caught offshore near Daytona Beach A big catch of mangrove snapper
Spanish mackerel on the deck of Captain Sean's fishing boat It was a good day fishing in Daytona Beach An example of fish caught by Captain Sean More mackerel caught near Daytona Beach

Tarpon are one of the many species found near Daytona Beach!
This tarpon was hooked on a fishing trip with Captain Sean
just off the coast of Daytona Beach.

You never know what you’re going to catch on a Daytona Beach fishing trip with Captain Sean!
Tarpon are protected and are ‘catch and release’ only but nothing beats the thrill of a hooked tarpon leaping out of the water like this one just off the coast of Daytona Beach. Late summer is the best time to catch tarpon in the Daytona Beach area and with some luck and an experienced fishing guide like Captain Sean you may hook one! Either way, you and your party are going to have lots of fun fishing in Daytona Beach with Captain Sean.

Summer is tarpon season in Daytona Beach A tarpon on the line

It’s all about Having Fun and
Making Memories that Last a Lifetime!

Below are photos of families and friends having lots of fun fishing
with Captain Sean in Daytona Beach, Florida!

Families having fun fishing in Daytona Beach with Captain Sean Captain Sean specializes in family friendly fishing trips in Daytona Beach
Children are welcome on all our fishing trips Just having fun fishing with Captain Sean A fresh catch from an inshore fishing charter It's all about just having fun
Redfish are a popular catch when fishing offshore in Daytona Beach This little angler caught her first Sheepshead She also caught a Lane Snapper
Captain Sean holds a snapper caught by the young angler behind him A King Mackerel caught with Captain Sean on a deep sea fishing trip
The artificial reefs near Daytona Beach are home to many varieties of snapper Captain Sean with a big red snapper
Some rod bending action on an offshore fishing trip Wahoo are also cuaght offshore near Daytona Beach Mahi mahi are an occassional catch on our offshore and deep sea fishing trips Reeling in a mahi-mahi
Young anglers examining the day's catch Atlantic sharp nose sharkes are common on inshore and offshore fishing charters Plenty of snapper to catch on the artificial reefs near Daytona Beach Flounder are found inshore and offshore
This is a nice red snapper from an offshore fishing trip A red snapper on the deck of Captain Sean's fishing boat Every fish is fun to catch

Snapper are a popular catch on our Offshore Fishing Trips!
Red Snapper, Vermillion Snapper, Mangrove Snapper and Lane Snapper are most common.

The offshore reefs are are great place to catch red snapper
This big red snapper was caught on an offshore charter with Captain Sean
Having fun catching snapper

Having Fun on an Inshore Fishing Trip with Captain Sean
Photos below are from an inshore Daytona Beach fishing trip on the Halifax River. The river is a tidal river full of saltwater fish that come and go from the Atlantic through Ponce Inlet. Atlantic sharp nosed sharks are a common catch on our inshore fishing trips.

Sharks are common on the Halifax River A lady with a lady fish Her husband has a lady fish too
Another shark caught on an inshore fishing trip A close up of the shark You never know what you'll catch

You never know what you’ll catch fishing on the Halifax River but you’ll always have fun, relaxation and beautiful scenery to enjoy!

Atlantic sharpnose sharks are often caught on our inshore fishing trips Having fun catching fish on the Halifax River
A lady examines her catch

Our inshore fishing trips on the Halifax River
offer beautiful scenery as well as good fishing!

The Halifax River, one of Florida’s most beautiful coastal rivers,
runs right through Daytona Beach but few tourists ever get to see it’s undisturbed beauty!

Inshore fishing in Daytona Beach can be very relaxing even for kids

Enjoy the natural beauty all around you on Captain Sean’s Inshore Fishing Trips!
The spots on a redfish tail are as unique as fingerprints.

The spots of a redfish are unique as fingerprints
The Halifax River early in the morning
A view of the Halifax River from the bow of our charter boat A River fishing trip in Daytona Beach

All our Fishing Charters are Family Friendly!
Here are families enjoying being together on an Offshore Fishing Trip with Captain Sean.
Plenty of seating for everyone on Captain Sean’s fishing boat!

Families enjoy the ride on Captain Sean's fishing boat All our fishing trips are family friendly
Two brothers show off their catch A nice cobia caught just offshore Father and sons pose for a picture on Captain Sean's fishing boat

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Let’s Go Fishing!
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Book your Daytona Beach Fishing Trip!
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Captain Sean’s fishing boat has a capacity of 6 passengers.
If you have more than 6 persons in your party,
Captain Sean can arrange private fishing charters for large groups.

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