The Boat

Captain Sean aboard his boat on a deep sea fishing trip

Aerial View of Captain Sean’s Fishing Boat off the coast of Daytona Beach, Florida

Captain Sean's fishing boat in Daytona Beach, Florida

Welcome Aboard!

Captain Sean’s fishing boat is a 28 foot Luhrs powered by a 300 HP 4-stroke Suzuki outboard motor. The vessel has been custom modified by Captain Sean to serve as a clean, comfortable and reliable recreational fishing boat as well as an efficient commercial fishing vessel. It has power steering, a live well for bait, a large fish box and a FishFinder. The boat is remarkably clean and well kept! Capacity is 6 passengers but private fishing charters for larger groups can be arranged.

The fishing boat of Captain Sean's Daytona Beach Fishing Trips

For your Comfort

To make your Daytona Beach fishing trip as comfortable an experience as possible for everyone in your party, Captain Sean’s fishing boat has several comfort features not found on all charter fishing boats including:
• A port-a-potty
• Removable seating
• An enclosed cabin with extended top to provide a measure of shade from the Florida sun.
• The 4 stoke motor provides a more reliable and quieter ride for our guests than traditional 2-stoke motors.
• The vessel has a wide 11′ beam (width at it’s widest point) for stability and easier movement about the boat.
• An extra large fish box which doubles as extra seating.

The fishing boat at a marina ten minutes from Daytona Beach

For Your Safety

Captain Sean puts safety first! As a USCG licensed commercial fishing vessel, Captain Sean’s fishing boat must meet a higher level of safety standards than your typical recreational charter fishing boat. Captain Sean has installed the latest state-of-the-art safety equipment on his vessel including:
• 2 VHS Radios
• 2 professional grade GPS devices
• An EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) used to instantly alert search and rescue services via satellite communications in the event of an emergency.
• All USCG required commercial standard safety equipment is in place from professional grade personal flotation devices and lifesaver throw rings to fire extinguishers. USCG dockside inspections are mandatory on commercial fishing boats including Captain Sean’s vessel.

The fishing boat with anglers aboard after a fishing charter

Everything you need to fish!

When you go on a charter with Captain Sean’s Daytona Beach Fishing Trips, everything you need to fish is included.
Captain Sean supplies:
• fishing licenses
• bait
• tackle and equipment
• ice for both your catch and to keep your drinks cold
• professional fish cleaning

What do you need to bring?
All you need to bring are your personal comfort items:
• drinks and snacks
• tropical weather clothing
• a wide brim hat
• polarized sunglasses
• sunscreen
• a cooler for your food and drinks and to bring home your catch (ice is provided)
• If you are worried about sea sickness, consider motion sickness medication such as Dramamine, Bonine or others.
The patch is the most effective, consult with your doctor.

Call Captain Sean to Book your Daytona Beach Fishing Trip!

Captain Sean’s fishing boat has a capacity of 6 passengers. If you have more than 6 persons in your party, Captain Sean can arrange private fishing charters for large groups.